Diapering For Cheap

Diapering For Cheap

Last week I shared various organizations that help jump start a cloth diaper stash. This week I would like to highlight a inexpensive way to cloth diaper.

Your most basic & cheapest way to cloth, is to use basic diaper covers and flower sack towels from Walmart. What are these ?

A basic diaper cover is made out of PUL (basically waterproof material) and elastic to hold in the goods. Below is a picture of a Sweet Pea (Just one of many brands) Cloth Diaper Cover. One of my favorites! 

Within this you place your flower sack towels to catch the baby’s potties. There are many forms of inserts but the “FST” is the cheapest option. These covers are wipe-able if there are any leaks from the fst and can be reused several times in one day. Thus only needing about 6 to wash every other day. You can find these starting at about $3 each to upwards $20 if you get fancy. For the cheaper end join a coop like FluffButts Coop  . (I will give more information on coops later.)

FST is a kitchen item sold incredibly cheap but very absorbent. While they may seem huge when you open them up, they are folded in to various “origami” like folds to fit the baby.  Here is a great example:

Fluff Love & CD Science is a great resource of information on folds, care, and washing instructions.

In all if you go the cheapest route , you can start off with as little as $30-40. About the size of a large box of diapers. The great about it is though that you wont have to replace that box every month!

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