Everything you need to feel loved, supported, and whole.

We’re proud to offer our clients holistic midwifery & supporting services for an easy,
beautiful, and nourishing transition into parenthood.

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Central Texas Birth Center & Home Birth

Holistic Midwifery Care Package

*We are only able to accept a small number of clients each month. This helps to ensure that you receive individualized, one on one experience with our midwives.

What’s Included:


Additional Services

Dulce well-woman services central texas pap smear STD testing IUI removal

Well-Woman Services

  • IUD & Nexplanon Removal $250
  • Wellness Pap Smear $100
  • STD Testing $50-$300
  • Yeast & BV Type Testing $100-$250

Preconception & Fertility Care

Custom care & comprehensive ICI & IUI services, including:
• In-depth lab work to check fertility hormones & health
• Conception & nutritional counseling sessions
• Charting & timing conception assistance to find YOUR ideal timing
• Extensive video & written resources for optimizing your fertility
• Herb & supplement recommendations
• Progesterone supplementation
• Heart-Centered Fertility Support

genetic testing home birth texas

Natera Genetic Screening

nutrition counseling natural holistic birth killeen texas

Macronutrient Testing

Boy or Girl?

SCHEDULE Your Gender Reveal Blood Test!

With one simple blood test, you can find out your baby’s gender as early as 8 weeks with 99.9% accuracy.
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