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We are excited to offer the women in the Killeen & Central Texas Area Holistic midwifery! Birth Center & Home Births Now Available in the Central Texas area! Specializing in water births. Come see our newly remodeled 1200 sqft private birthing suite! We are only able to accept a small number of clients each month. This helps to ensure that your receive individualized one on one experience with our midwives.

******We encourage parents to contact us early in pregnancy to help secure a space with us, our months fill up quickly. To schedule a consultation to meet our staff you can do so at our booking link below.*********

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With over 25 years of experience in birth work oue midwives have molded into a passionate providers who stand alongside women in one of their most amazing times. We will only accept a select amount of clients a month to ensure we are giving our full and undivided attention to our clients. Payment plans are available.

We are now able to offer longer term financing options with United Medical Credit. Please click on the link below or cut and paste into a browser to complete the application on UMC’s secure website. If you are interested in financing.

Our package includes:

Standard Midwifery Care Package $6600.00*

  • PRENATAL, L&D, POSTPARTUM CARE:  Our unique and individualized care includes one visit every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, and then 1 visit every 2 weeks, and at 36 weeks, weekly visits until delivered. It includes labor, delivery care, newborn and maternal stabilization and up to 3 visits for the mother and infant each up to 6 weeks postpartum.
  • Basic prenatal labs included. 
  • Newborn: Congenital Defects Cardiac Screening and  Newborn Medications Included. 
  • Birth Pool Rental: You will be responsible for purchasing a liner and hose.
  • Pregnancy Tea & Other Herbal Tea Remedies. 
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Chiropractic Adjustment with one of our preferred community providers
  • Clinical Lactation Visit with our IBCLC community partner
  • Loan of our Dulce Birthing Centers Prenatal, Postpartum Binder full of information
  • Loan of our memory drive with over 18, 30 min videos on childbirth, pregnancy exercise and more
  • 5 types of childbirth education included ! Hypnobabies Course with audios , The Natural Breastfeeding Course, Kingdom Childbirth Course provided online, Group Childbirth Class with our CBE Instructor, Binder CBE and more!

We refer out for ultrasounds. The cost of ultrasounds are not covered in this package as they are received from a separate company.

Co-Care / Late to Care Available: We accept late to care clients on a case by case basis. Please call and schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help.

*Sneak Peak Gender Reveal Clinical Blood Test – $120 – As early as 8 Weeks gestation.


“A birth I wouldn’t have to recover from. Without unnecessary interventions. To be heard and respected. That’s all I wanted. Dulce Birthing Center gave me back the piece of myself I’d lost giving birth to my first. They helped me realize my body was made for this! “No” is a full sentence and I’m allowed time to consider all my options. And even when I doubted myself they never stopped believing in me. My pregnancy was rough and I was so worried but they never made me feel as if I was a burden. When the doctors had written me off as having a miscarriage they looked deeper finding an answer. Even in the end when I kept saying “I can’t” – no mama you can! You ARE! My son was born into love. John was allowed into every space. His question were answered and they made sure he was apart of this journey. The energy in my birth space was so calm and healing. I wasn’t rush through my feelings. Zeno wasn’t handled by 6 strangers like a game of hot potato. This time Postpartum isn’t scary. We aren’t recovering from trauma that happened to us. We’re simply healing. Thank you really doesn’t cut it and there aren’t enough words to adequately describe our experience in one post but I’m so grateful. Thank you to the women at Dulce and Dr. Meeka. Thank you to everyone who came and stayed for days to help John and I. Thank you John for listening to my concerns and making sure I had the best care possible.” –Stockton

“A month ago I ended the ROUGHEST journey I’ve ever had to take in life; I successfully gave birth to my second daughter. And I did it the way I set out to against all odds. I owe it all to these fine ladies from Dulce Birthing Center. I truly believe without them it would not have been possible. ❤My pregnancy was God awful in the worst way. Hyperemisis Gravadirum. Malnutrition, severe dehydration. At the end my entire body was beginning to suffer. Just months of fatigue, hunger, pain, and depression… When I first saw them I was already a zombie. No doctor would listen to me or help me. But they did. They went out of their way to see me. And would go above and beyond from there on out. They were there for all my questions, all my fears, and all my struggles. They listened to me they supported me and did all they could to keep me and Baby Girl as healthy as possible. AND despite all the odds I still got to birth my way- which was 100% WAY more painful a process than last time. 😂👀 I have never been more proud and astounded in myself or my life though. And I couldn’t imagine having made it there without these wonderful women I now consider friends. Thank you so much for your wonderful care, my family wouldn’t be as complete and content as it is today without you. ❤ You have all our gratitude.” – M. Ladner

Kim, Anita, and Elaine were phenomenal! This was my fourth baby, my third VBAC. I’ve always had very successful outcomes with Midwives but there was something very different about this time around. They have a very Christian and faith-filled approach that just makes you feel like they’re your family. They respect everything that YOU want and need. They knew exactly the words to say and the support to give to get me through each contraction. I have a very special history with Dulce because the first time I met with them, I was going through a miscarriage. They were so extremely sensitive and supportive. It was so wonderful to have these women to lean on. When I came up pregnant again, they helped me through all mental and psychological fears and complexes I had. I was worried about my age, my weight, my history, and even some mental blocks that I felt were so silly but they always made me feel validated, and helped me to overcome those fears. They reassured me through every step. We are a mixed, bilingual, extremely religious Catholic family. They were able to cater to EVERY aspect of our lives! The biggest mental block I had was that I seemed to always bleed/borderline hemorrhage after every birth I had had before. Each vaginal birth I had ended in needing Pitocin to stop the bleeding. I am SO overjoyed to say that this was the FIRST natural birth I ever had that I never had excessive bleeding! I never needed Pitocin! At all! I really feel it was the amazing pre-natal attention and support that I got from Dulce. These Midwives are SO knowledgeable and so in tune with you and your body, as well as the birthing process! Every time I was talking to them, they were going to more classes and conferences to learn more and more and more…even though it seemed like they already knew it ALL! They are constantly wanting to learn more to be even better at what they do even though I feel they don’t even need it! Haha! Anita is a natural! She was born to help women birth! What an innate gift she has! Everything with her is so instinctive and she is so fascinated by the birthing process that it makes the whole environment so special and unforgettable. Anita always made me feel proud of my progress and like superwoman. Kim was SO supportive of me and never allowed me to give up on myself. I don’t know how she put up with me because transition is no joke! She was so patient with me, she rooted me on every second of the way, and she was really my rock through it all. She was very connected to me throughout my whole pregnancy and the labor, and I am eternally grateful for that connection. She knew most of my needs before I even did or before I recognized I did—she already knew!  I feel she really got me through it all just by being so in tune with my baby and me. Elaine helped so much with pain relief. Anytime I felt a huge contraction coming on, I would instinctively scoot over her way and not say a word knowing she knew exactly how to ease a lot of my pain. She also would make eye contact with me a lot to see how I was doing and to comfort and encourage me. She really believed in me and I could tell. I cannot say enough about these ladies. I had the most beautiful homebirth—a waterbirth  (my very first waterbirth ever) and they made everything happen exactly how I had wanted and envisioned. They even found ways to involve my husband and our 3 other children! It was such a beautiful family experience that we will remember forever. I always knew I was safe in their hands and this is first birth where I was able to overcome so much psychological baggage which I feel in turn prevented all complications like bleeding and tearing—again, this was my first birth where I had normal bleeding and no tearing! My baby immediately let out the most precious cry the second I lifted her out of the water. I was so blessed that I was able to catch my own baby and Dulce really let me take the lead in everything that I wanted the lead in. Where I wanted to follow, they gracefully led. Best birth experience EVER! ” -The Morgan Family

“The entire Dulce family made my birth amazing. Each person brings an essential element to the team when they enter a room. My birth was extremely fast and in anticipation of that, Anita strategically had everyone in place and at my home quickly. From start to finish, things were perfect and seamless. By the end of my birth, my home was so well put together that my husband and I were looking at each other in disbelief. If it weren’t for the smell of essential oils that I diffused and the fact that I evidently held my precious baby in my arms, I wouldn’t have believed we gave birth in the middle of the night. Special thank you to Anita for taking me on so late in my pregnancy and for Kimberly, Elaine, and Sarah walking me across the finish line. Dulce Birthing Services has changed the idea of birth for the McKinney Family and everyone we know will hear about it.” – McKinney

Anita and Kim were the best midwifery team I could have ever hoped for! I felt incredibly supported throughout my pregnancy, the birth and postpartum. We did a home birth and I felt loved, safe, cared for, and empowered having those two women by my side. Anita is knowledgeable, kind, professional and has a wonderfully calm vibe. Thank you a million times over!” -Stice

“Absolutely recommend. pregnancy and birth is overwhelming and pretty dang scary especially for a first time mommy but I was so well cared for as was my daughter everything was done for my comfort and care I was always well informed and then able to direct my care to be best for me, my experience was nothing short of miraculous the most beautiful birth I could have imagined I will use them again for the next one, and the one after that, and hopefully we just keep having more! I’ll never be able to thank my midwives enough for the glorious experience I got to have!” – Bradford

Anita, Kim, Elaine and Sarah were the best birthing team that I ever could have asked for! The support throughout my pregnancy, all the way up to birth, was amazing! I can never thank them enough for being such a huge source of help and support in such a monumental time in our lives!! We love Dulce Birthing Services!!!” – Bell

Anita is one of the warmest, kindest souls I know. She is attentive, compassionate and calm. She was my instructor to become a birth assistant, and she was my midwife and delivered my son. Never once have I felt insecure about my body or its capabilities while she is present, or my abilities as a support person. She is uplifting and honest and has a great bedside manner. She truly is a gift from God, and has been sent to deliver His children into His kingdom. I so appreciate her heart for this work, and her willingness to be the hands and feet for Him. To me, having a Christian midwife was critical, and I can’t thank her though for the prayers and support throughout our relationship. I look forward to continuing to work with her as she thrives in all her endeavors. Bless you and your team Anita!” -J.