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Add-On to one of packages or Stand-Alone Services

Any of the services below can be added on to one of our many support packages.

Childbirth Classes

*Childbirth Class: Learn about the birth process, relaxation, positions, and more. Help your birth partner learn comfort techniques too.
~Available in English 0r Spanish / $300 (per person / couple)

*Breastfeeding Program: 
Gain knowledge & specialized support to get off to a great start!
~Available in English 0r Spanish / $75 (per person / couple)

*Newborn Care & Postpartum Prep:
Helping expectant parents learn and gain confidence in preparation for their baby’s arrival. While preparing for birth and baby, don’t forget to plan for postpartum too. 
~Available in English 0r Spanish / $150 (per person / per couple)

Placenta Support Services

Placenta Support Services are taken care of by our Certified & Experienced Placenta Encapsulation & Support Specialists.

There are several methods of which we are able to prepare your placenta for encapsulation:

$150 for the Encapsulation Package, when added on to one of our packages, there is a $25 discount. This includes picking up the placenta from you and dropping off the finished capsules at your home. The Encapsulation Package fee includes the preparation and encapsulation of the placenta, and a storage container. An umbilical cord keepsake is provided where possible.

*Raw- Placenta is drained of blood, sliced thinly, then dehydrated, and ground for encapsulation.

*Traditional Method- Placenta is drained of blood, steamed with slices of fresh lemon, ginger, in the water. Once steamed, the placenta is thinly sliced, dehydrated and ground for encapsulation.

*Smoothie Prep – Entire Placenta is taken and processed , and returned in small frozen chunks that can be dropped into blender.

$25 additional Smoothie Prep with encapsulation – A portion of placenta is taken for smoothie prep for 1 weeks worth of smoothies. The remainder of the placenta is encapsulated .

$15 A tincture made up of a small piece of fresh placenta, which may be used in the months after your capsules are used up. The tincture will be ready 6 weeks after the placenta is encapsulated.

$25 for a Placenta Print. This is a pressing of the placenta with special ink onto a paper, please remember this is an artistic rendering and perfection might not be possible depending on the condition of the placenta received.

Includes pickup and drop-off in the Bell county / Coryell county area. Travel fee to outside areas is an additional $50.00. More details can be provided on methods available for processing and can be sent on request.

BengKung Belly Binding Service $200

(Includes 1hr instructional session, belly binding wrap, and salve.)

Postpartum Care Kit – $150

(This holistically minded gift basket is stuffed with items for mama and baby that will help with your recovery)

Prenatal Massage by Experienced Massage Therapist Allison Nicolson, LMT

Professional Photography by Emerald Sage Photography

$275 (Maternity)
$650 (Birth)
$275 (Fresh 48)
FREE (Bereavement)