Postpartum Doula Support


 No matter how many hours of in-home postpartum support you need, we provide support customized to your fit needs.
*Pregnancy (antepartum) support can be provided also, upon request.
*Postpartum Support includes phone, text, and email support with your doula. 

*The Lying-In (90 hours: 3 hr. shifts Monday through Friday for 6 weeks): $1,800

**The Elite Package (Diamond Birth Package / 10 hours postpartum support / Postpartum Care Kit): $1,000

*Postpartum Care Package (15 hours): $300

*Welcome Home Package (4 hours): $80

*Pro Per Hour Support (specialized care from our senior postpartum doula & co-owner, Samantha): $30 /hr.

*Per Hour Support: $25 /hr.