Birth Doula Support



We support all variations of birth, including C-sections. Our birth doula support includes prenatal appointments, and on call status two weeks prior to your due date until after birth. You will also have phone, text and email support with your doula throughout your pregnancy. We will support you through labor until you are settled into immediate postpartum, including initial latch (Lactation) support. Birth support includes a postpartum follow-up once your are home, also.

**The Elite Package (Diamond Birth Package / 10 hours postpartum support / Postpartum Care Kit): $1,000

*Pro Package (specialized care from our senior birth doula, founder & co-owner, Anita) – 2 prenatals, labor / birth support, 1 postpartum follow-up: $950

*Diamond Package – 2 prenatals, labor / birth support, 1 postpartum follow-up: $750 

*Ruby Package – 1 prenatal, labor / birth support, 1 postpartum follow-up: $650

*Sapphire Package – Labor / Birth Support only (NO prenatals or postpartum follow-up) / Repeat Client discounted rate: $450

*When you hire one of us to provide you with Doula support, you also come with a guarantee that your doula has a back-up in case of emergency, illness, etc. We work as a team to provide the best care and support that we can give you.