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Birth Support

We support all variations of birth, including c-sections. Our birth support includes prenatal appointments, and on call status two weeks prior to your due date until after birth. You will also have phone, text and email support with your birth support specialist throughout your pregnancy. We will support you through labor until you are settled into immediate postpartum, including initial latch (lactation support). Birth support includes a postpartum follow-up once your are home, also.

**The Elite Package (Diamond Birth Package / 10 hours postpartum support / Postpartum Care Kit): $1,250

*Diamond Package – 2 prenatals, labor / birth support, 1 postpartum follow-up: $750 

*Ruby Package – 1 prenatal, labor / birth support, 1 postpartum follow-up: $650

*Sapphire Package – Labor / Birth Support only (NO prenatals or postpartum follow-up) / Repeat Client discounted rate: $450

*When you hire one of us to provide you with birth support, you also come with a guarantee that your birth support specialist has a back-up in case of emergency, illness, etc. We work as a team to provide the best care and support that we can give you.

*If you are located outside our servicing area but would like us to support your birth, some of our specialists travel out of area. We do charge a traveling fee for any distance more than an hour away (roughly 60 miles), but would be happy to still assist you.

Postpartum Support

 No matter how many hours of in-home postpartum support you need, we provide support customized to your fit needs.
*Pregnancy (antepartum) support can be provided also, upon request.
*Postpartum Support includes phone, text, and email support with your postpartum support specialist.

*The Lying-In (90 hours: 3 hr. shifts Monday through Friday for 6 weeks): $1,800

**The Elite Package (Diamond Birth Package / 10 hours postpartum support / Postpartum Care Kit): $1,250

*Postpartum Care Package (15 hours): $300

*Welcome Home Package (4 hours): $80

*Per Hour Support: $25 – $30/hr.

~Additional hours added to any package will come with a 10% discount on the total of the extra hours applied.

Private Classes

*Childbirth Class: Learn about the birth process, relaxation, positions, and more. Help your birth partner learn comfort techniques to help, too.
~Instructor: Anita / $150 (per person / couple)

*Breastfeeding 101: 
Gain knowledge & specialized support to get off to a great start!
~Instructor: Anita / $75 (per person / couple)

*Newborn Care & Postpartum Prep:
Helping expectant parents learn and gain confidence in preparation for their baby’s arrival. While preparing for birth and baby, don’t forget to plan for postpartum too. 
~Instructor: Samantha / $150 (per person / per couple)

Add-On / Extra Services

$275 (Maternity)
$650 (Birth)
$275 (Fresh 48)
FREE (Bereavement)

Placenta Encapsulation
*$125 (for birth support clients)
*$150 (stand alone service)

Lactation Counseling
*At home visit or online, as a stand alone service: $45 /hr.

*Client Access to Lending Library*

Postpartum & Baby Care Kits (coming soon)


Financial Information

Please note, your complete package will be adjusted to fit your individual needs, and will be further discussed at your initial FREE consultation. Your total pricing will be reflect upon this.

 Our payment options are check, cash, or debit / credit:

Pay in Full 


 Payment Plan

If you are interested in using a payment plan, please let us know at your FREE consultation. An additional fee may apply.