Services Provided


Birth Doula Support

Anita, Samantha, and Esther are trained to provide birth support. We support all variations of birth, including C-sections. Our birth doula support includes prenatal appointments, and on call status two weeks prior to your due date until after birth. You will also have phone, text and email support with your doula throughout your pregnancy. We will support you through labor until you are settled into immediate postpartum, including initial latch (Lactation) support. Birth support includes a postpartum follow-up once your are home, also. 

*Diamond Package – 2 prenatals, labor / birth support, 1 postpartum follow-up: $750 

*Ruby Package – 1 prenatal, labor / birth support, 1 postpartum follow-up: $650

*Sapphire Package – Labor / Birth Support only (NO prenatals or postpartum follow-up) / Repeat Client discounted rate: $400


Postpartum Doula Support

 No matter how many hours of in-home postpartum support you need, we provide support customized to your fit needs.
Pregnancy (antepartum) support can be provided also, upon request.
Postpartum Support includes phone, text, and email support with your doula.
~This service is provided by Samantha

*First Week Home Package (5 days, 3 hour shifts): $300 (stand alone service) / $225 (with Birth Doula Support)

*In Home Hourly Support: $25 /hr.


Add-On / Private Classes
~If you are interested in one our classes listed below, please contact us for more information about the specific class, rates, and instructor.

*Childbirth Class (Mama & Partner Prep) – Learn about the birth process, relaxation, positions, and more. Help your birth partner learn comfort techniques to help, too.
~Instructor: Anita

*Breastfeeding 101 – Gain knowledge & specialized support to get off to a great start!
~Instructor: Anita

*Postpartum Prep – While you are preparing for birth, don’t forget about postpartum too.
~Instructor: Samantha

*Sibling Prep – A fun & interactive class to prepare sibling(s) for new baby’s arrival & tips to encourage sibling bonding.
~Instructor: Samantha

*Basic Newborn Care – Helping expectant parents learn and gain confidence in preparation for baby’s arrival.
~Instructor: Samantha


Add-On / Extra Services & Products:
~If you are interested in one of our services listed below, please contact us for more information about the specific service & rates.

Birth Photography
$650 (stand alone service) / $550 (with Birth Doula Support)
~This service is provided by Laura, only.

Placenta Encapsulation
$125 (for doula clients) / $150 (stand alone service)
~This service is provided by Anita, only.

Lactation Counseling
*At home visit or online, as a stand alone service: $45/hr.
~This service is provided by Anita, only.

Sibling Doula Support
$100 (This is not a stand alone service. It must be used in conjunction with Birth Doula Support.) 
~This service is provided by Esther, only.

Virtual Support (pregnancy & postpartum only)$200 /mo.
Every mother deserves support! Virtual support is an excellent option for any mom. How does it work? You will have 24/7 phone & text support, a weekly face to face session (video chat), and emails full of resources to provide both emotional and informational support to you, and a small care package to provide some physical support, too.

Client Access to Lending Library: each doula has their own books, supplies, etc. that they are willing to lend out. If interested, please feel free to ask.

Please note, your complete package will be adjusted to fit your individual needs, and will be further discussed at your initial FREE consultation. Your Total pricing will be reflect upon this.
Doula Support Information:
*When you hire one of us to provide you with Doula support, you also come with a guarantee that your doula has a back-up in case of emergency, illness, etc. We work as a team to provide the best care and support that we can give you.


At Dulce Birthing Services, we want to make support affordable to you. We have various ways to help you with this:

Flexible Payment Plans are available for ALL services
~If you are interested in using a payment plan, please let us know at your FREE consultation.

Discount Offered For:
*Spouse of Deployed Military Service member / Disabled Veterans

Pro Bono (FREE), Reduced Rates, and Bartering: If you desire doula support, but it will cause you financial hardship even with a payment plan, please contact us for more details. This option is offered on a case by case basis, only.








Serving At:
Hospitals (Darnall Army Medical Center, Metroplex, Scott & White, Seton Hospital): VBACS, Medicated, Natural, Cesarean, and Inductions welcome. 
Home Births
Birth Centers

Serving Bell County:
Killeen, Ft. Hood, Nolanville , Belton,  Salado, and Temple, etc. & surrounding areas


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