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 I can not give enough stars to Dulce! I used Ms Anita and Ms Kenzie for their doula services. I delivered my fifth child on Jan 3, 2018. I’ve always delivered naturally without any medications or medical interventions. If you plan to go this route I highly recommend investing in a doula. My labor and delivery went amazing with no complications. Kenzie worked with me through my contractions, massaging and giving words of encouragement. Anita helped move me in positions to help me progress faster. She uses this peanut ball, which I have a love/hate relationship with. We labored together at my house for about three hours. Then we went to the hospital. I arrived there at 8cm, Anita again put me on my side on the peanut ball. I went from an 8 to a 10 in 20 minutes. I pushed my 7lb daughter out in two pushes. I’ve delivered five children without medications, three of those I used doulas. They were the absolute best experiences I have ever had and am so blessed that someone like Anita and Kenzie have the skills and knowledge to help guide me during the wonderful birth of my daughter Gretchen! – Erica Borja 


All these ladies are absolutely amazing an knowledgeable. We had scheduling problems toward the end of my pregnancy, but they were so understanding and accommodating. Anita and Samantha have really helped the entire way through my pregnancy with support and kindness. I would recommend them to absolutely all moms wanting support no matter what kind of birth experience you want! – Kellyn Norris

These ladies are WONDERFUL! They really made my birthing experience a peaceful one AND, they were there for me from time of hire all the way up until the present. Anything I needed, they were there to help. Can’t express ENOUGH how much I am pleased with their services. I’m telling you gals, these ladies really know their trade! – Amber Riley

Anita and Samantha are amazing. They helped me have the birth I wanted. With their help I was able to birth a 10 lbs 9oz baby unmedicated.  I love them! – Tina Lynn Barton


Best experience of my life! I would do it 1000 times over with Anita. She was so kind and supportive throughout the entire process! From late night questions to general baby info! Before AND after Delivery!! I Couldn’t have imagined having things go as well as they went for us ! – Kourtney Holliday


I got the chance to work with Samantha as my postpartum doula. She was and is fantastic. I highly recommend her and everyone at Dulce. They are kind, loving, and supportive. I had a scheduled csection and there was no judgement for anyone. – Chelsea Surfus

This was my first baby and I asked for their services a little late in my pregnancy not knowing any better and Anita worked with me as late as it was and with payments. Anita and Sam were with me before and after my daughter’s birth. I was stuck in the hospital bed due to medications and they were there the whole time offering different methods for relieve given my condition. I honestly can say I couldn’t have went through my daughter’s birth without them. They even helped my husband feel comfortable about this whole process too. Please if you are a new mother and are completely clueless like I was, you won’t regret hiring them! – Daunielle Renee Goodman

I just delivered my third baby three days ago. I was aiming for an unmedicated birth after having gotten epidurals for the other two. Anita was an amazing resource to have and she was such a blessing to have at my birth. She helped so much with coping techniques and encouragement. I had wanted my husband to be more involved in the birth process but he never knew how or what to do but with her knowledge and coaching, he was able to be support me better than I could have imagined through the entire process! If you are looking for a doula I highly recommend Anita. Thank you for helping me get my natural birth that I wanted, I don’t think I could have done it without you!! – Erin Laker

From a father’s/husband’s perspective I would say I was simply astounded by the level of professionalism, expertise and sweet demeanor of Anita. From the very beginning it was evident that she loves what she does, and is very passionate. She is well informed and in tune with what a mother (and father) wants and helps in every way possible for the parents to stay the course. She was extremely supportive throughout the pregnancy, answered the phone day and night with our questions, and when the time came she arrived quickly. Even though I had studied, it often happened during labor that my mind drew a blank – and Anita knew what to do, reminding and guiding me through. The labor and birth were very quick compared to our other two children (4.5 hours to 50+ hours for both) and I was able to catch my newborn child, still in the amniotic sac. That is without a doubt the coolest moment of my life. I don’t know what I would have done without Anita’s guidance, expertise and calm demeanor. All I know is this – after having her assisting us throughout the entirety of the pregnancy to birth (and beyond! She continually checked on us to see how everything was going which is amazing!) it led me as a father to want more children, doing it the way God intended, and especially with Anita at our side. We look forward to having our next child with you at our side Anita! Thank you for everything you’ve done – you made this husband and father a believer. – Jeff Gaunya

Anita is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She was so compassionate, encouraging and caring during my labor and delivery (with both me and my husband). I had a c-section with my first son (in 2013) and was determined to have a vbac with my second. She was behind me 100% and with her help and guidance, I did it! I am so glad that I had Anita by my side. The labor and delivery nurses were asking her questions about the different techniques she uses and they wanted her to teach them. I think that is a awesome testimony to her skill and profession! – Tonya Hall Blair
Anita is extremely caring and loving. When i first met her i felt 100% comfortable sharing my birth views and asking her questions. She even offered books, websites and even added me to facebook groups. We talked ahead of time about about pain management and what I was or was not comfortable with and when the time came she new exactly what i needed to get through labor and delivery. She even guided my husband and worked with him to help keep me comfortable and calm. My labor was fast, loud and intense but she maintained a calm and peaceful presence from the moment she arrived ( very promptly btw). She stayed afterward to help me get comfortable and help with breastfeeding and she called later to check in on us. My entire birthing experience was wonderful and I believe she played a major role. I recommend her to all my friends in this area. She is professional yet personable and her prices are very fair. – Adrienne Mader