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What is a Doula?
The origin of the word doula is from the Greek, and means a woman who serves. Doulas can assist mothers during antepartum (pregnancy), birth, and the postpartum period with emotional, non-medical physical, and informational support. The very essence of doula work is a heart of service to others.

How can we help you?
We believe in providing mothers with education and resources to various topics that may be considered during pregnancy through postpartum. We believe in empowering women through education, because education is power. It is a great blessing to all mothers, not just first timers. We do not make decisions for you, rather we provide you with resources and comfort measures to advocate for what you want as you journey through this precious time in motherhood.

About Us
We are an agency of doulas who believe in supporting families with non-judgmental support, care, and compassion. We are unapologetically pro-life, also. In late 2016, Anita Hernandez (the founder / owner of Dulce Birthing Services, specializing in birth & lactation) and Samantha (the founder / owner of Precious One Doula Services, specializing in postpartum) met and quickly realized that working under one name together would provide even better support to the local community. Anita and Samantha officially partnered under Dulce Birthing Services in 2017. As of 2018, we have 5 amazing doulas on our team and our company is growing as we serve families in and around Bell County, Texas. 

A Look Toward the Future
At the heart of everything we do is a heart of service. We are passionate about serving women and their families during the childbearing years. Many of us are furthering our education toward specific certifications, degrees and licensures, etc. to provide the best care that we can possibly give. Our goal someday, in the future, is to eventually provide full maternal care for our clients, include midwifery, lactation consultant, and mental health services, etc. 

As of May 2018, we now have a location!!! We are located at 1604 S. W.S Young in Killeen.


Click Here to Meet Our Dulce Doulas


Serving At:
Hospitals (Darnall Army Medical Center, Metroplex, Scott & White, and Seton Hospital): VBACS, Medicated, Natural, Cesarean, and Inductions welcome. 
Home Births
Birth Centers

Serving Bell County:
Killeen, Ft. Hood, Nolanville , Belton,  Salado, and Temple, etc. & surrounding areas



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  1. I was informed by my midwife Sandra Tallbear that you offer birthing classes particularly one coming up on February 24th. I would like more information on how I can sign up for this class.

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